Saturday, June 17, 2006

06/17/06: Tips for avoiding camera shake

Tips for avoiding camera shake

The most obvious way to avoid camera shake is to use a tripod. But a tripod isn't always handy when a great photo opportunity presents itself. In these situations, (assuming you have the optimum ISO, shutter speed and aperature for the lighting conditions) there are several tips to help you capture that great low-light image without having camera shake ruin the exposure:

1.) Use an IM (image stabilization) or VR (vibration reduction) lens and turn that feature on.
2.) Support the camera with both hands -- keep your arms close to your body and, if necessary, lean against a post, a wall, a railing, etc.
3.) Take a deep breath and hold it while you are pressing the shutter. (Remember to exhale after the shutter closes!)
4.) Keep your feet firmly planted and at least shoulder-width apart, or, better yet, squat down into a marksman's position and use your knee to rest the camera body on while you expose the image.


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