Wednesday, June 14, 2006

06/14/06: Create photo slideshows easily using PowerPoint

Basic Tip: Create photo slideshows quickly and easily using MicroSoft PowerPoint 2003

1. Open a new file
2. Click Insert > Picture > New Photo Album (assuming all of the images are digital / scanned)
3. Select all images (you'll have to Shift+Click to select all's a LOT easier than adding all pictures individually
4. Click on create
5. Select all slides, select Slideshow > Slide Transition > Fade Smoothly (you might also want to pick "medium" speed, or "slow" for the transition)
6. Under the Slide Transition section, click on "Advance Slide Automatically After..." and then pick the # of seconds you want each slide on the screen
7. Save the file as a "PowerPoint Show" (.pps) file -- it will launch the slideshow automatically when clicked.

BONUS -- make the background for all images black -- select all slides, click on Format > Background and then select black from the drop down (or whatever background color you want), then click "Apply to all"

Then you have a basic photo slideshow!

Adding music and copying to CD is bit more advanced...but YOU CAN DO IT!

To add music...
1. Click on Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound from file
2. Choose the song
3. Click "Automatically"
4. You should now see a sound wave icon right in the middle of the slide -- RIGHT click on that icon, click "hide sound icon during slideshow" then click OK.
5. To set it to play throughout the slideshow, RIGHT click on the sound icon again, choose "Custom Animation," under "Modify Play" and "Start" choose "After Previous", then where you see the song listed, click on the drop down and choose "Effect Options." Under "Stop Playing" choose the # of slides that are in the slideshow.

Test the slideshow to make sure it starts up, advances automatically, and plays the music throughout.

To copy to CD...(and this is cool because the PowerPoint viewer is included -- that is, the CD will play on any PC even if it doesn't have PowerPoint installed!...okay, well, it should be a relatively new PC...don't expect it to play on your Packard Bell 286 with 4 MB of RAM!).

You'll need a CD burner and a blank CD inserted in the drive...
1. Click on File > Package to CD
2. Click on Options -- verify that "Power Point Viewer" and "Linked Files" are checked under "Include These Files", click OK
3. Then click "copy to folder" -- the CD burner should start automatically burning your packaged slideshow.

There you go! Enjoy! :)


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