Monday, June 12, 2006

06/12/06: Awesome Photography Forum

Awesome Photography Forum - Open Source Photo!

If you spend any time researching photography / digital photography on the web (that you are reading this post would indicate this is probably the case!), you may have noticed there is no shortage of photography forums on the web.

My personal favorite is: Open Source Photo ( Open Source Photo, or OSP for short, is the brainchild of a very talented young photographer named David Jay. You can also check out David's wedding photography web-site at There are many talented and very helpful photographers who belong to OSP...and, one of the greatest things about OSP is that it's completely FREE to join! The membership and topics tend to be primarily focused (sorry, unavoidable pun) on wedding photography -- however you can still learn a ton of great tips and tricks by signing up as a member of OSP!

Warning -- it IS an addiction!! :)


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