Sunday, June 11, 2006

06/11/06: 3 Tips to Reduce "red-eye"

3 Tips to Reduce "red-eye"

Many digital point & shoot and SLR cameras have red-eye reduction settings that will pre-fire a built-in flash to force a subject's pupils to contract. However, many photographers find that this pre-flash ruins the spontaneity of the photo op. There are several steps you can take to reduce red-eye shots that are quiet basic.

# 1 - turn on more lights in the room. (You may find that a flash may not even be necessary!)
# 2 - move closer to your subject -- the longer the lens you use, the greater the chance you'll have red-eye problems
# 3 - for external flashes, put some distance between the flash source and the lens by either using a bracket, bouncing the flash off a wall or ceiling, or use a flash diffuser to spread the light more evenly in the shot


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