Thursday, June 08, 2006

06/08/06: Developing your "signature" shot

Developing your "signature" shot

A signature shot is one that typifies a style or type of photography that you like and enjoy. Many people don't even realize what their signature shot is until someone else tells them that a particular shot is "their style." Famous New York city photography Jay Maisel is known for his mastery of light and motion.

I personally like shooting reflections and shadows. I'm not a particularly narcissitic person (there is one side of a camera I prefer!), but I do enjoy seeing my reflection or shadow when I'm shooting. Here's an example -- shot of the passenger side mirror on an H2 Hummer at the 2006 St. Louis Auto Show.

Sometimes my reflection is more obvious than others:

The above image was shot at a wedding -- that's me in the center standing next to the bride. I also like that you can see the shadow of me taking this shot on the left. The limo driver having a smoke with the wedding party is also a nice touch. :)


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