Thursday, June 01, 2006

06/01/06: Take better pictures EVERYDAY!

Welcome to -- a resource for ALL photographers!

Today is the "official" launch date for My name is Dan Watkins and I have been a part-time professional photographer since 1988. I've worked for a variety of different studios doing weddings, high school dances, graduations, college fraternity & sorority parties, souvenir photos and even marathon photos. I took some time off from photography in the late 90s as I got married, went to graduate school, and started a family. Recording the birth and growth of my children is what really got me interested in digital photography and I opened my own digital imaging business in 2001 -- DigitalFirst Productions. In 2004 I decided to focus more on wedding and lifestyle portrait photography so I launched Daniel J. Watkins Photography as a separate entity. It's been a lot of work but a lot more fun!

As a professional photographer totally immersed in digital photography, I get questions all of the time about photography...from my closest family and friends to total strangers who observe me as I capture images. One week I had three young mothers / mothers-to-be ask me what kind of digital camera they should buy for taking pictures of their darling children. That was the inspiration for me to launch Daily Photo Tips. For the past month I've been posting tips and working on ideas for this site. It is my hope and desire to develop a following of photographers ranging from seasoned pros to amateurs just wanting to take better pictures. I also want to challenge myself to learn more and more about the wonderful field of photography - shooting techniques, equipment, imaging software, presentation name it!

So if you have a question about digital photography -- feel free to shoot me an e-mail at:

I'll try to answer your question and perhaps even feature it on a daily tip here on this site. If you have a tip and you'd like to be a guest contributor to this site -- bring it on! The more the merrier. :)

Here is today's tip -- one of my favorites photography tips -- SHARE YOUR LOVE OF PHOTOGRAPHY! Don't just share the others to enjoy taking better pictures. Give your advice. Seek advice from others. Be open to new ideas! It's a great way to better photography.

I'll wrap up this (extended) post with my first image to be museum exhibited. The image, titled "Koi," was taken with an Olympus E10 DSLR camera in June of 2001. It was near noon -- admittedly not the ideal time for outdoor photography -- but this image worked out. I leaned over a bridge at the Missouri Botanical Garden to capture this image of the koi fish feeding.

I hope you like this site, I hope it improves your photography, I hope you'll come back often, and I hope you tell your friends about!

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