Tuesday, May 23, 2006

05/23/06: What is "foofing?"

Pro photo tip - Foofing!

What is "foofing?" Simply stated, foofing is the act of bouncing a camera flash off a wall, ceiling, or other surface to diffuse the light. Foofing, a term popularized by renown wedding photojournalist Denis Reggie, comes from the sound a flash makes when it fires and can create very beautifully lit photos. As digital photography allows so many opportunities to experiment, try foofing. Look for creative angles, surfaces, etc. to foof off of.

Here is an example of a foofed shot -- I positioned myself above my niece and turned my flash head to fire back over my shoulder and bounce off the cathedral ceiling in my family room. The walls and ceiling are both white so they bounced the flash and dispersed the light very nicely.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crazy, I was googling for 'foofing' and found this guy who dubbed Reggie's voice in Spanish, it's hilarious and very well done!


3:45 PM, October 17, 2007  

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