Sunday, May 21, 2006

05/21/06: Reset your settings!

Basic tip: Reset your settings!

Ever forget to put your camera back on ISO 100 for outdoor shots after you had been shooting in a cave all day at ISO 1600? Wonder why your indoor shots look excessively orange? Have you slapped your forehead so hard it left a mark? Yes, the collective groan of "shoot, I forgot!" sweeps across the nation.

Get into the habit of putting your settings back to normal or average modes before you put your camera away or, better yet, before you switch it off. I tend to take a LOT of pictures of my kids. I have what I consider to be my "kid creative" mode...ISO 400, aperature priority, f2.8, auto white balance. While I usually will tinker with that for a given shot (most with ISO and white balance), I found that by getting into the habit of resetting my camera to "kid creative" mode whenever I put the camera down, I goof up fewer shots by not having the camera left on the settings for extreme conditions. By doing this, you'll force yourself to check your settings more often when you change shooting conditions (going back and forth from indoors to outdoors comes to mind...and, yes, kids will do that to you!).

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