Friday, May 19, 2006

05/19/06: Re-charge quickly!

Pro photo tip - fast recharge for batteries!

There is a new product out from a company called Maha Energy -- the 8 cell 1-hour charger can be very handy for quickly recharging AA batteries. What I like about this charger, besides the 1 hour charge time, is the LCD window which shows the recharge status of each battery. The unit offers "soft" and rapid recharge modes -- the soft mode is a slower charge designed to sufficiently charge older, lower capacity batteries. You can charge anywhere from 1 to 8 batteries at a time -- each one on an independent circuits. I plan to pick one up for my camera batteries -- and for ALL of those pesky battery hogging children's toys at home (which so often are left "ON!").

The unit retails for $84.95. More information can be found at

Have a great weekend and keep shooting!

-- Dan


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