Wednesday, May 17, 2006

05/17/06: Where to put the money?

What's better - spending money on lenses or a better camera body?

Several years ago, at a campground just outside of Glacier National Park, I had the priviledge of attending a talk and slideshow given by world renown nature photographer Tom J. Ulrich. Something that Tom said that night really struck me. He said:

"A $1200 camera with a $100 lens will take $100 photos. A $100 camera with a $1200 lens will take $1200 photos."

Wise words from an amazing photographer! :-) If you enjoy nature photography, I highly recommend his book, "Once Upon a Frame." It has phenomenal nature images along with some good advice for various outdoor / nature shooting.

Quote of the day...

"The key to failure is to try to please everyone."
--Bill Cosby


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