Monday, May 15, 2006

05/15/06: FREE Image Hosting Sites!

FREE Image Hosting Sites!

Don't send those freakin' huge attachments (uncompressed photos - sent by the dozens) to all of your friends and family. You can use free image hosting sites and then just send out links to your photos. I use as well as -- both are very easy to use and they are BOTH FREE! You can create folders (albums) and upload your images to share. If you are a blogger (and if you are reading this, you very well may be!...or perhaps you are just thinking about starting your own blog), you can link your photos to your blog by copying the URL of the photo from the image hosting site. There are limits to the amount of data (total size of all photos) you can use before you need to upgrade to "premium" subscriptions. A 1 year premium subscription to is just $25 -- more information can be found by clicking here. Flickr (which is run by Yahoo!) cost is $24.95 for "pro" subscriptions -- details here.

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Happy shooting! :)


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