Thursday, May 11, 2006

05/11/06: Kids in Motion!

Creative Tip - Creating Motion in Kids Photography

A neat "in-camera" affect for kid photography is to create motion blur by panning with the subject. Panning is simply moving the camera with the movement of the subject. With digital SLR's you want to be sure to slow your shutter speed down to 1/30 or slower. With point and shoot cameras, turn the flash setting off, and just experiment with the various shooting modes to see which produces the slowest shutter speed (it's very likely NOT to be the "sports" setting!). You also want to be sure to shoot at the lowest possible ISO setting (e.g. ISO 100) to be sure not to stop the action.

These images of my two sons were both shot with a Canon EOS 20D camera on ISO 100, manual mode - 1/20th of a second exposure at f/11 aperature.


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