Saturday, May 06, 2006

05/06/06: What kind of point & shoot to buy?

Moms want to know -- What kind of digital camera to buy?

I'm often asked my expectant mothers or mothers of infants / toddlers..."what kind of digital camera should I buy?" Well, a lot depends on your budget...but my recommendation is to spend $250 or $300 and get one with a movie mode. Often times with little ones, you miss that great shot by a second or two...with a point & shoot digital camera that has movie can not only get adorable pictures to e-mail, but you can create movies of the first time they roll over or they first time they take a step, etc. The nice thing about the little point & shoot cameras with movie mode is that they are more compact that video cameras and they'll slip in a purse or diaper bag very easily.

Happy shooting! :)


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